ImTech4ED is going to establish various school activities in cooperation with the local and national educational community of each partner. Support from the school community is essential for the outcomes of the project. ImTech4ED are going to support the educational community and in particular school leaders and teachers in terms of documentation, training and mentoring on how to utilize the project deliverables. Dissemination activities driven by partners aim to enlarge the ImTech4ED community and the involved schools. All ImTech4ED partners are involved in various communities and have extensive partner networks to educational organizations, schools and institutions. These partnerships are going to be utilized for the project dissemination To further increase community interests, ImTech4ED plans to release its educational content and software under open source licenses. ImTech4ED local partners will establish students’ competitions in developing adequate educational content using the project tools and guides. Further research activities in national and European research programs with the goal to further improve the ImTech4ED products, broaden its user communities and use cases. Therefore the ImTech4ED partners, aim to reuse project outcomes as basis for further research in order to continuously adapt to further use cases, new technologies, and educational developments.


This project has received funding from the Erasmus+ programe, grant agreement 2020-1-DE01-KA203-005679